An experienced copy editor, based in beautiful Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, with 35 years of service to Canada's thinkers and writers. Economic and social policy,
political science, and general non-fiction (especially
military history) are my specialties.

Senior business people, labour leaders, federal and provincial politicians, civil servants, the national media, international scholars, and informed people everywhere read the publications I edit.

Do you have a manuscript that could use some fine-tuning? Do you need to communicate the results of your research in a readable way that will get the attention of decisionmakers?

As the in-house editor at an influential and respected Canadian think tank for 18 years, I helped writers turn their manuscripts into polished, published reports that made a significant contribution to debates on public policy issues. As a freelancer, I have added general and academic non-fiction to my specialties.
My clients and authors trust me to give their work the sympathetic but thorough going-over that will help them reach their intended audience.


  • Structural editing
  • Stylistic editing
  • Mechanical copy editing
  • Proofreading
  • Fact checking
  • On-screen or traditional hard copy mark-up


A few of my editing projects

One Job Town: Work, Belonging, and Betrayal in Northern Ontario,
by Stephen High (University of Toronto Press, 2018)
Winner, The Clio Ontario Region Prize (Canadian Historical Association)
Winner, 2018 OHS Fred Landon Award (Ontario Historical Society)

Canada's Odyssey: A Country Based on Incomplete Conquests,
by Peter H. Russell (University of Toronto Press, 2017)
Winner, 2018 Donald Smiley Prize
Winner, John T. Saywell Prize for Canadian Constitutional Legal History

Income Inequality: The Canadian Story,
edited by David A. Green, W. Craig Riddell, and France St-Hilaire
(Institute for Research on Public Policy, 2016)
Winner, 2017 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize

Brewing Legal Times: Things, Form, and the Enactment of Law,
by Emily Grabham (University of Toronto Press, 2016)
Winner, Socio-Legal Theory and History Prize (Socio-Legal Studies Association)

Arab Dawn: Arab Youth and the Demographic Dividend They Will Bring,
by Bessma Momani (University of Toronto Press, 2016)
Hill Times' List of the Best Books in 2016

Letters from Beauly:
Pat Hennessey and the Canadian Forestry Corps in Scotland, 1940–1945
by Melynda Jarratt (Goose Lane Editions, 2016)
Finalist, Writers' Federation of New Brunswick Non-fiction Award, 2016

Joining Empire: The Political Economy of the New Canadian Foreign Policy,
by Jerome Klassen (University of Toronto Press, 2015)
Winner, Outstanding Academic Titles (CHOICE)
Winner, Errol Sharp Award (Society for Socialist Studies)

Understanding Climate Change: Science, Policy, and Practice,
by Sarah L. Burch and Sara E. Harris (University of Toronto Press, 2015)
Winner, Outstanding Rated Title (University Press Books Committee)

Tax Policy for a New Era:
Promoting Economic Growth and Fairness
, Benefactors Lecture, 2014
by Kevin Milligan (C.D. Howe Institute, 2014)
Winner, 2015 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize

Fire in the Belly: How Purdy Crawford Rescued Canada and
Changed the Way We Do Business
by Gordon Pitts (Nimbus Publishing, 2014)
Longlisted, 2015 National Business Book Award
Winner, Robbie Robertson Dartmouth Book Award (Non-fiction), 2015

The Ballad of Jacob Peck,
by Debra Komar (Goose Lane Editions, 2013)
Finalist, Democracy 250 Atlantic Book Award for Historical Writing, 2014

Facing Eugenics: Reproduction, Sterilization, and the Politics of Choice,
by Erika Dyck (University of Toronto Press, 2013)
Shortlisted, Sir John A. Macdonald Prize, 2014
Shortlisted, Canada Prize in the Social Sciences
(Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences)

Governance in Northern Ontario: Economic Development and Policy Making,
edited by Charles Conteh and Bob Segsworth (University of Toronto Press, 2013)
Shortlisted, Speaker's Book Award (Legislative Assembly of Ontario)

Toward Improving Canada's Skilled Immigration Policy: An Evaluation Approach,
by Charles M. Beach, Alan G. Green, and Christopher Worswick (C.D. Howe Institute, 2011)

Winner, 2012 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize
Runner-Up, Donner Prize for the best book on
Canadian public policy published in 2011–12

 Canadians At War: A Guide to the Battlefields of World War I,
by Susan Evans Shaw (Goose Lane Editions, 2011)
Ottawa Citizen Top Ten Travel Books, 2011

The Top 100 Canadian Singles
edited by Bob Mersereau (Goose Lane Editions, 2010)
Silver Medal for Performing Arts, Independent Publishers Book Awards, 2011

Gravity Shift: How Asia’s New Economic Powerhouses Will Shape the Twenty-First Century,
by Wendy Dobson (University of Toronto Press, 2009)
Finalist, 2010 National Business Book Award

“Once on the Lips, Forever on the Hips:
 A Benefit-Cost Analysis of Fiscal Stimulus in OECD Countries,”
by Bev Dahlby (C.D. Howe Institute, 2009)
Winner, 2010 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize

SS Atlantic: The White Star Line’s First Disaster at Sea,
by Greg Cochkanoff and Bob Chaulk (Goose Lane Editions, 2009)
Winner, Dartmouth Book Award (Non-fiction), 2010
Winner, Democracy 250 Atlantic Book Award for Historical Writing, 2010
Winner, Historical Non-fiction, 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

The Top 100 Canadian Albums,
 edited by Bob Mersereau (Goose Lane Editions, 2007)
Finalist, Margaret and John Savage First Book Award, 2008

A Camera on the Banks,
by M. Brook Taylor (Goose Lane Editions, 2006)
Finalist, Dartmouth Book Award (Non-fiction), 2007
Finalist, Margaret and John Savage First Book Award, 2007

Signposts of Success: Interpreting Ontario's Elementary School Test Scores,
by David Johnson (C.D. Howe Institute, 2005)
Runner-Up, Donner Prize for the best book on
Canadian public policy published in 2005–06

The Right Fight: Bernard Lord and the Conservative Dilemma,
by Jacques Poitras (Goose Lane Editions, 2004)
Finalist, Atlantic Booksellers' Choice Award, 2005

Two Percent Target: Canadian Monetary Policy since 1991,
by David E.W. Laidler and William B.P. Robson (C.D. Howe Institute, 2004)
Winner, Donner Prize for the best book on
Canadian public policy published in 2004–05

Most Favoured Nation: Building a Framework for Smart Economic Policy,
by Jack M. Mintz (C.D. Howe Institute, 2001)
Winner, 2002 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize
Runner-Up, Donner Prize for the best book on
Canadian public policy published in 2001

Social Canada in the Millennium: Reform Imperatives and Restructuring Principles,
by Thomas J. Courchene (C.D. Howe Institute, 1994)
Winner, 1995 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize

The Great Canadian Disinflation:
 The Economics and Politics of Monetary Policy in Canada, 1988–93
by David E.W. Laidler and William B.P. Robson (C.D. Howe Institute, 1994)
Winner, 1994 Doug Purvis Memorial Prize

What they’re saying about some of the books I’ve edited

  Canada's Odyssey: A Country Based on Incomplete Conquests,
by Peter H. Russell (University of Toronto Press, 2017)

"[A] very enjoyable and engaging read. In its writing style, the book manages to walk a line somewhere between academic and popular history....[A]nyone looking for some way to mark Canada's sesquicentennial would do well to read this book"
— Joshua Nichols, Literary Review of Canada

“Peter Russell ...has given us the benefit of a lifetime's scholarship and engagement in this brilliant book. It is thoughtful, incisively written, and as accessible an account as one will find about our country's political and legal history. Many books are called 'indispensible'; this one certainly rates that description”
— Bob Rae, Canada's History

* * * *
Not My Party: The Rise and Fall of Canadian Tories,
from Robert Stanfield to Stephen Harper
by Tom McMillan (Nimbus Publishing, 2016)

"Illuminating and remarkably candid"
— Lawrence Martin, Globe and Mail

“Reading this memoir is a virtual feast for political junkies ... a well-timed book”
— Atlantic Books Today

* * * *
The Patricias: A Century of Service,
by David J. Bercuson (Goose Lane Editions, 2013)

“[A]n excellent book by one of Canada's foremost military historians
and a must for military history buffs”
— John Boileau, Atlantic Books Today

* * * *
The Ballad of Jacob Peck,
by Debra Komar (Goose Lane Editions, 2013)

“[A] grippingly good account of [a] notorious chapter in [M]aritime history”
— Emily Donaldson, National Post

“A haunting and compelling archival journey”
— Moira McLaughlin. St. Thomas University

* * * *

A Neighbourly War: New Brunswick and the War of 1812,
by Robert L. Dallison (Goose Lane Editions, 2012)

“[A] well-written, lucid account”
— Alec Bruce, Atlantic Books Today

* * * *

Steel Cavalry: The 8th (New Brunswick) Hussars and the Italian Campaign,
by Lee Windsor (Goose Lane Editions, 2012)

“Windsor provides a compelling account...of how the Hussars proved themselves to Canada and to the world in the bloody battles at the Gothic Line and Coriano Ridge. His book is well-researched and includes great photos and maps that should appeal to anyone interested in military history”
— Mark McAvoy, Canadian History magazine

* * * *

As You Were: The Tragedy at Valcartier,
by Gerry Fostaty (Goose Lane Editions, 2011)

“It's all so extremely well-written, and so compelling, I was unable to put the book down”
— Perogies & Gyoza: Adventures in books & bilingualism

* * * *

Which Way Latin America? Hemispheric Politics Meets Globalization,
edited by Andrew F. Cooper and Jorge Heine (United Nations University Press, 2009)

 “An accessible compilation of 17 lively essays”
 — Foreign Affairs

“A sharp, up-to-date analysis of the new sources of political power and
 allegiances in the region today”
— Brookings Institution

   * * * *

Gravity Shift: How Asia’s New Economic Powerhouses Will Shape the Twenty-First Century,
by Wendy Dobson (University of Toronto Press, 2009)

 “[A] well-written analysis of Chindia‘s path thus far....
It‘s a refreshing read as to where the world is headed”
— Diane Francis, National Post

“Well-researched, insightful and data-rich…
an important contribution to the literature
 on the global shift of economic power and influence and a good read for anyone
 interested in doing business in [China and India]

— Michael Kelly, Ottawa Business Journal

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